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Three Sheridan alumni score Emmy nominations

Three Sheridan alumni have received Emmy nominations for their work on the television series The Handmaid’s Tale, Love, Death & Robots and Star Trek: Discovery.

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Thanksgiving: A Recipe for Good Health

With the arrival of Fall and the turning of the autumn leaves, it strikes me as timely to pay homage to one of my favorite times of the year, namely the celebration of Thanksgiving. This ...

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The Trouble with Love: A Christian Perspective

It’s the night that Jesus will be captured. After washing the disciples’ feet, dipping bread into wine and giving it only to the one who would betray him, Jesus says to the disciples,

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Who are you for, Jesus? A Christian Perspective

Jesus leaves town and performs some miracles in Capernaum, then comes back as a guest preacher.

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Seeds of Sacrifice: A Christian Perspective on Relationships

Jesus says, ‘The way God wants things is like someone scattering seed on the ground, and watching the seed sprout and grow, the sower still does not know how it happens.” Mark 4.26-34

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The Essentials of Faith: A Christian Perspective Part 2

What is it to be a Christian?   I think there are three essentials that may mark your journey. The first is forgiveness, giving it and receiving it. https://oakvillenews.org/the-essentials-of-faith-a-christian-perspective-part-1/ Second, to be a Christian is to ...

Finding the Lost: A Christian Perspective

God is like a woman who sweeps and searches her home until she finds the lost coin she’s looking for. In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus tells a story that explains the crazy logic of ...

Special Cats! Special Prices! Adopt-A-thon

The Oakville & Milton Humane Society will be holding a “Special Cats! Special Prices! Adopt-A-thon”, Friday, June 7th to Sunday June 9th at the OMHS shelter at 445 Cornwall Road in Oakville. The Adopt-a-thon will ...

Every Normal Family is Dysfunctional in its Own Unique Way: A Christian Perspective

Families are peculiar entities. With all the forces in the world stacked against them, it’s a miracle even some families accept one another’s foibles, forgive one another’s sins, and stick together through all the disasters ...

Good Enough Love: A Christian Perspective

Do you ever feel that you can’t love your spouse, your kids, your parents, your friends well enough? Peter may have felt a bit like that. His first act in response to Jesus appearing twice ...

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