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Maintaining your mental health in uncertain times

Obeying social distancing and stay-home guidelines is essential to stopping the spread of COVID-19. However, isolation can also lead to issues of mental health. Human beings are naturally social creatures and being stuck at home ...

May 6th

Ontario Emergency Orders extended to May 6th

The Ontario  is extending all emergency orders that have been put in place to-date under s.7.0.2 (4) of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act until May 6th. This extension will help protect the health and well-being ...

Building Emotional Resilience during COVID-19

“Being strong is our only choice” during COVID-19. The good news is evidenced-based research shows that individuals who are more self-compassionate, “have the resilience needed to cope with stressful life events such as divorce, health ...

Mindful Self-Compassion Break

Parents take a Mindful Self-Compassion Break

As wonderful and magical being a parent can be … dealing with a hungry, screaming newborn; or a biting two-and-a-half-year-old; or a barrage of four-letter words from your sixteen-year-old; or even an irritable, worried adult ...

United Way COVID-19 Emergency Fund

United Way COVID-19 Emergency Fund – Please Donate

The generosity of our community continues to give me – and those in need – hope during this unprecedented time of crisis. Thank you to those who have contributed from their heart to the United ...


Stress, Anxiety, Fear – OTMH’s Head of Psychiatry provides guidance

It’s becoming repetitive to say that all over the world and now in Canada we are going through a very stressful period because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We experience “stress” when demands placed upon us ...


Steps to Keep Us in Useful Worry & Out of Useless Worry

For many of us in Canada and around the world there is a sense of being faced with what appears to be an insurmountable problem – the spreading of COVID-19.  Many of us may be ...

Backup Buddy Mental Health Resource Mobile App

The Halton Regional Police Service whole-heartedly believes that when it comes to mental health, every action counts.

Show Your Local Love

Show Your Local Love Day on November 6th

On November 6, more than 100 local workplace volunteers will head out into the community for United Way Halton & Hamilton’s (UWHH) Show Your Local Love Day.

Impact Report United Way of Halton & Hamilton

Impact Report for 2018/19 released by United Way

“This Impact Report highlights the many ways that your investment is connecting our neighbours to the social supports they need to live and prosper.

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