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Coronation Park

Dispatch from South of the Border: The Uncivil War: A Health Advocate’s Perspective

Having just returned from a week in Florida, at a time that unbeknownst to us coincided with the Florida leadership primaries, never did I ever think I would see America on the cusp of major ...

MP John Oliver at a board table listening

Oakville MP John Oliver conducts extensive community consultations on economic solutions

Throughout the month of January, MP John Oliver conducted pre-budget consultations in Oakville to gather community input on economic solutions.

All Candidates from Oakville Ridings on Dias

The Federal Candidates’ Business Views for Oakville’s two Ridings

As a follow up to the debate held by the Oakville Chamber on October 6, candidates for Oakville and Oakville North-Burlington have been invited to provide answers to four business-related questions, as well as submit ...