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October 2019 Oakville Real Estate

October 2019 Oakville Real Estate Update

October 2019 Oakville Real Estate Update shows a strengthening market. Prices are increasing in every category, and days on market are starting to shrink as inventory diminishes.

Just Say “YES”: Oakville Recruiter

The other night I had a great career experience. I got the chance to hear jazz singer and Toronto radio personality, Heather Bambrick, tell her story. It was at a meeting of the Oakville chapter ...

Conservative Government Waging War on Oakville Real Estate

It appears that the Conservative Party of Canada is very pleased about the progress it has made in deflating the housing market in Canada according to Jim Flaherty – Finance Minister’s comments on December 3, ...

Buy or Rent: What to do?

This is a regular question that comes up time and time again for realtors – and is a real concern prospective buyers. The news is full of doom and gloom about the real estate market, ...