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School Closures Tops of yellow school busses

Oakville School Bus Orientation Day will be held on Aug. 29, 2015

As the first day of school nears, Halton Student Transportation Services (HSTS) and area school bus operators are gearing up to assist parents/guardians and first-time riders with the annual School Bus Orientation Day on

Students in a class room during Orientation at Sheridan College

Sheridan prepares to welcome over 8,000 first-year students in September

Every fall, Sheridan welcomes thousands of first year students, most of who are embarking on their first postsecondary experience.

Sheridan College Expert Provides Advice on Supporting Student Success

Parents have an important role to play in helping their college-aged children build confidence, responsibility and resiliency, according to Joe Henry, Sheridan’s Associate Dean of Student Success. Based on his experiences working in higher education ...

College Orientation Linked to Superior Academic Performance

When people think of college orientation, the images that often come to mind are student flash mobs, proud displays of school colours and clothing, and organized games and cheers designed to build instant bonding. While ...