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Easter Weekend 2019

Easter Weekend 2019 in Oakville: What’s Open and What’s Not

Easter Weekend 2019 has arrived. Like past Easter weekend the town is fairly quiet. This Easter is no different with a few notable exceptions taking place on Saturday.

Matzah, Red Wine

Passover 2016: A Jewish Perspective

One of the most celebrated Jewish holidays arrives just as springtime finally arrives. While mother nature seemed to take her time with a few snowy days in April, this worked well for the Jewish community ...

Foil Easter Eggs

Events in Oakville: April 15, 2014


Events in Oakville: April 14, 2014


The Ups and Downs: Jewish Perspective

The cycle of the Jewish calendar year brings us much ups and downs.  A few weeks ago we celebrated one of the high moments, Passover, the redemption from slavery to freedom. Then last week we ...

Passover Reflection: A Jewish Perspective

At this time of year, Jewish families around the world gather to celebrate Passover by having a Seder (which means order).  This celebration has its roots in the Bible which calls for a seven day ...

Oakville Today: March 25, 2013

Weather Overcast with the occasional sunny breaks, the temperature this morning is plus 2 going up only a couple of degrees to plus 5. The North- East wind is keeping the temperature down, so if ...

Passover and Biblical Myths: Jewish Perspective

In the spring issue of Reform Judaism magazine, it focused on the great jewish myths.  And much to my surprise and probably yours as well, was the myth of Passover – that we were not ...

Women of Faith: Jewish Perspective

There are not that many female heroines in the Bible, in fact, there are not that many named women at all.  And even when they are given a name, they are often flawed secondary characters.  ...