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Canadian Club of Halton with speaker Linda Rutledge

Linda Rutledge informs Canadian Club of Halton

Linda Rutledge, PhD, was the guest speaker at a dinner presented by the Canadian Club of Halton on September 22 to an audience of 120. Linda is a Research Associate in the Department of Ecology ...

Maple Seeds in an open hand

Seeds of Sacrifice: A Christian Perspective on Relationships

Jesus says, ‘The way God wants things is like someone scattering seed on the ground, and watching the seed sprout and grow, the sower still does not know how it happens.” Mark 4.26-34

OakvilleNews.org Thanks the Community

OakvilleNews.org has had a stellar July on so many fronts and we wish to thank the Oakville community for providing so much support. July again provide outstanding numbers with just under 45,000 views, translating to ...

Uncomfortable Freedom: A Christian Perspective

It seems a disturbing truth of history that we humans don’t cope well with freedom. We prize it even enough to die for, but we often ignore it when we have it, deny it to ...