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Ontario Bill 108 may increase your property taxes

According to Oakville Town Council, Ontario isn’t allowing the town time to study the impacts of Ontario Bill 108 the More Homes, More Choice Act, 2019.


The cost of owning a home: are you prepared?

A few weeks ago we talked about the cost of purchasing home. Now, we’re going to chat about the costs of owning a home. We’ve gotten possession of our place. We’ve attached the keys to our ...


Homeownership: Are you ready?

Homeownership is one of the great Canadian dreams, eh! When we own our own home, there’s pride and purpose. As far as I’m concerned, the best part is you can paint the walls any colour ...

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Oakville Property Taxes: who is in control?

Property Taxes are a hot button topic in Oakville. The people responsible for spending your property taxes are town councillors, town and regional councillors and the Mayor.

AAA Credit Rating

Halton’s AAA Credit Rating re-affirmed by S&P

Halton’s AAA Credit Rating was re-affirmed by the S&P Global Rating on June 11th. It praised superior budgetary performance, low exposure to risk and top financing reports. Internationally, Halton continues to be a top-tier Canadian ...

Efficient and affordable 2018 Budget Committee

Unanimously Approved: 2018 Budget Committee propose a 1.75% overall tax increase

Oakville Town Council has unanimously approved the town’s operating and capital budgets presented by the 2018 Budget Committee.

Front of Halton Regional Building

Halton Regional Council approves 2016 budget

On December 16, 2015, Regional Council approved the 2016 Budget and Business Plan that outlines the implementation of a number of key priorities in the Halton Region Strategic Action Plan 2015-2018.

2018 Oakville budget Chair ,Chalk drawing of pig with 3 dollar signs and the word "budget"

Oakville releases 2016 Budget documents with a 2.45% increase

Yesterday, town staff presented Oakville’s proposed 2016 Operating Budget to the Budget Committee achieving Council’s direction to keep the total property tax increase in line with inflation.

Proposed Oakville Capital Budget Draft for 2016 is $99,800,000: What do you think?

At yesterday’s first 2016 Budget Committee meeting, Councillor Tom Adams was selected for the eighth consecutive year as Oakville’s budget chair. Councillor Adams holds his Master’s in Business Administration from McMaster University and is a ...

Halton commits to maintaining strong financial position and keeping taxes low

On July 15, Halton Regional Council approved the 2016 Budget Directions Report projecting a 1.9 per cent tax increase for Regional services, which would continue Halton’s track record of keeping tax increases at or below ...

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