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pre-interview check in

Job Journey: Pre-Interview Check In

Here’s a cool idea I picked up from one of my clients. Before you go for an interview, in that brief few minutes when you are cooling off in the lobby, use your smart phone ...

Thank you card

I’m Happy to Help! Thank You!

This post, according to my friends at WordPress, is my 301st. So rather than pass along more thoughts and advice on jobs and careers, I am going to take a big pause to say thank ...


Pump up your Resume with Volunteer Work

I met some stellar candidates this week. They were in various stages of their job searches. Some were just starting to think about looking. Others were deep into their search journey.

JUMP! Oakville Recruiter

I hosted a panel discussion last night for my chapter of Women in Nuclear. We had a great panel answering questions based on Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In. We covered a lot of good material but I ...

Preparing for the Winterview

It’s winter here in Canada and if you are doing the interview circuit, you need to be prepared. There is nothing worse than sniffling during a conversation.  You try to be subtle by wiggling your ...