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Remembrance Day Ceremony 2018

Remembrance Day Ceremony 2018 Video

Oakville’s Remembrance Day Ceremony 2018 took place in George’s Square at Trafalgar Road and Sumner Avenue in Downtown Oakville.

Oakville Veterans’ Luncheon 2016 a resounding success

“Lest We Forget ….. and …We’ll Meet Again”! The 15th Annual Veterans Appreciation Luncheon Honouring our Nation’s Heroes assures that , whenever possible, our Veterans will meet again. The luncheon took place on Monday, November ...

Canadian War Medals

A Reflection on Remembrance Day: A Christian Perspective

During the war, my uncle served on a ship that patrolled the English channel, picking up bomber crews who had succeeded getting to the channel before being forced to ditch their crippled planes. An important ...

Remembrance 2017 Bronte Cenotaph

Remembrance Day 2015 in Oakville: What is happening and where

Oakville has a long and very proud heritage of men and women who in the service of our country have lost their lives, so that we may have the freedoms we are so fortunate to ...

Bill and Shirley Finlay

Separation Solved

At the last supper Jesus told the disciples about his coming departure. In years to come he knows that the disciples will feel like orphans. Jesus is helping the disciples to prepare for a looming ...

Remembrance Day 2014: Here’s What is Happening November 11th

The honouring of Oakville’s Veterans takes place at several venues which include Bronte on November 9th, Downtown Oakville and Oak Park on November 11th.

Remembrance Day in Oakville 2013

Please take a moment to honour the men and women who fought for our freedom on Remembrance Day. Bronte ceremony November 10, 10:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m. — Parade of veterans starts at the Royal Canadian ...

Oakville’s War Monument Now Honours Canadian Reservists

Once a year, we gather to pay our respects to the soldiers, sailors and air crew’s that gave their lives in the pursuit of victory in the wars, conflicts and operations Canada has engaged in. ...

Military Uniforms: For Remembrance

For several years, the Oakville Museum has hosted an exhibition around Remembrance Day entitled Shadows of War: Not So Long Ago in the 20th Century.  The exhibit was first created in 1999, right at the turn ...