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Hexagon is world class – Restaurant Review

Hexagon is where delicious food meets art. In 2018 Toronto Life rated Hexagon as one of the GTA’s top restaurants. This level praise is not easily won when a restaurant is charging five-star prices. It isn’t ...

Sampling Platter

Oakville Eats: Fuego Tapas Bar

Fuego Tapas Bar is one of the latest new independent restaurants to open along Lakeshore Road East in historical downtown Oakville. The food is Spanish served tapas style (small shareable plates), the staff is attentive, ...


Oakville Eats: Noble Bistro

Noble Bistro moved into one of the more difficult restaurant locations along Lakeshore Road East in Downtown Oakville. Over the last several years the location has seen three restaurants come and go, so I was ...

Morning in Damascus

Oakville Eats Brunch: Maro’s

I don’t tend to make a habit of reviewing restaurants more than once; however, occasionally there is an exception to the rule. The brunch offered at Maro’s in Kerr Village on Saturdays and Sundays is ...

Sign for Mo's

Oakville Eats: Mo’s Kitchen & Tavern

When the White Oak Restaurant closed down, it appeared that affordable family dinning had left Downtown Oakville. Well, someone noticed and has taken over what was the Cottage Side and brought in Mo’s Kitchen and Tavern, ...

Selection of baked goods

Oakville Eats: Schilling’s Patisserie aux Chocolate

A new chocolatier has arrived in Oakville, taking over the location of the much loved but lost Circus Chocolates. There must be something sweet about the location, because delicious delights are again available at 109 ...

Maro's Bistro Chicken Rice Salad on a large square plate

Oakville Eats: Maro’s Family Restaurant

So about a week ago I noticed a change to a restaurant on Kerr Street called Maro’s. It’s located beside the Moonshine Cafe just south of Rebecca.

Oakville Eats: Tavolo

In South Oakville Centre previously known as Hopedale Mall a new restaurant opened called Tavolo. It is both  part of the mall, but does have fully separate feel with an exterior entrance. The restaurant is ...

Oakville Eats: BRU

Well, I’ve just returned from a dinner at BRU – the new pub on Lakeshore Road East between Maluca and Oakville’s darling, Seasons. I’ve been curious about the place since the brown paper covered over ...

Celadon House: Oakville Eats

Asian fusion is defined as a combination of different culinary elements which does not fall under any specific category. What is better than combining the best of everything together?