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New LinkedIn Tool: Resume Builder: A Recruiter’s Perspective

Getting your resume ready for public consumption can be a daunting task. You have to find it amongst all your folders and when you do find it, you have to hope that it’s relatively current.

Person being interviewed

How to make a Great First Impression: A Recruiter’s Perspective

How do you stand out from the crowd? What makes you memorable?

Coloutful Graphic of Acronyms

Craft a Smoother, Better Resume: A Recruiter’s Perspective

I read resumes for a living. I read other stuff too but resumes are the main focus during the day (and sometimes evenings, much to my husband’s consternation).

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New Job on the Horizon? A Recruiter’s Perspective

Was your New Year’s resolution to get another job? Have you succeeded?

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Cover Letters that Get you the Job

Cover letters are an important part of a job application. Although, to be fair, they won’t actually get you the job. At their best, they will get you that first phone call.

You Can’t Print this! Finding your personal Value Proposition

There is a lot of buzz circulating about 3D printing these days. We can print sandwiches, guns, jeans. So it was not surprised to hear one of my colleagues mutter about when she was going ...

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Do the Due: Improve your Online Profile

Last week, I showed a resume to one of my colleagues. The first thing he did after reading it was to type the person’s name into google.

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Not everyone is on Vacation – the Summer Job Search

It is summer and the market is hopping!

Spring Cleaning for your Resume

If you are like me, you spent some time this weekend switching your clothes around. Moved the golf shirts and flower prints to the front and shoved all the black stuff into a box in ...


Pump up your Resume with Volunteer Work

I met some stellar candidates this week. They were in various stages of their job searches. Some were just starting to think about looking. Others were deep into their search journey.

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