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Hamilton film

Hamilton Film at Home is Flawless: Movie Review

It’s both surprising and not the Hamilton film is the most anticipated and acclaimed movie of 2020. As America celebrates Independence Day this weekend, the film celebrates a different accomplishment in its history.


Irresistible Simply Isn’t So: Movie Review

Former Daily Show host and political comedian extraordinaire Jon Stewart has made a quirky movie about a mayoral election in Wisconsin. While Irresistible is a passably fun film to watch, it isn’t as important as ...

The Willoughbys

Willoughbys make a Weird Winner: Movie Review

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect family movie night during quarantine, look no further than The Willoughbys. This animated feature film mixes a brilliant design, a funny story with high stakes. Netflix has produced ...

Photo: OFFA

Best Films from OFFA Online Film Festival

68 films have been screened over the last six days at Oakville’s 7th annual film festival, but not all of them can be the best films from OFFA Online Film Festival this year. I’ve watched ...

Da 5 Bloods

A Deeply Intense Battle in Da 5 Bloods: Movie Review

Writer/Director Spike Lee has achieved his starkest and most furious film to date with Da 5 Bloods. It’s viscerally important and an feverish experience, but it’s also among the best works of his 35 year ...

Artemis Fowl on Disney+

Artemis Fowl is Amazingly False: Movie Review

Disney’s new Artemis Fowl isn’t an atrociously bad movie. Despite a thin, traitorous script, Fowl is both exciting and fantastical The only problem is that it isn’t actually Artemis Fowl.

Last Days of American Crime

The Lousy, Last Days of American Crime: Movie Review

The Last Days of American Crime is the single new Hollywood release movie this weekend. The Netflix crime film, about the ethics of policing in a dystopia America, couldn’t be more timely. But being so ...

Photo: Netflix

The Lovebirds is a Lovely Distraction: Movie Review

The Lovebirds is a passable distraction in today’s movie landscape. There’s so few new things being released these days. But since cinemas have closed, this is among the first to have been re-distributed to streaming ...

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Scoob! at Home? Scooby Dooby Don’t: Movie Review

Having Warner Bros. new Scoob! be the first new major release movie in almost a month should be exciting news. Instead, it’s a major animated nightmare. Scoob! is the ho-hum villain under the mask and ...

Photo: Dreamworks Animation

Trolls World Tour is a Waste of Time: Movie Review

Trolls: World Tour’s tour around the world to living rooms and availability to download and stream is a disappointment. While the image is glossy and amusing to look at, the actual entertainment value of the ...

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