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Movie Review: The Boss Baby is a Bundle of Joy

It’s rare movies with a (clearly) young target audience are both sweet and entertaining. But The Boss Baby is a modestly charming surprise for family audiences, in a simple, whimsical way. Not everyone can stand ...

Working Girl Movie Poster

Great Career Movies for the Holidays

Let’s face it. We are going to watch a whole bunch of moves over the next couple of weeks. We will be nursing hangovers, escaping family or just enjoying some high quality couch time.

Robin Williams & Matt Damon

Charity Screening of “Good Will Hunting” in honour of Robin Williams

Oakville’s community cinema Film.ca Cinemas is proud to present two benefit memorial screenings of “Good Will Hunting”, starring Robin Williams.

Lee Daniel’s the Butler: 4/5

Lee Daniel’s The Butler gives life to an era for African-Americans from the American south in the 1920’s  to the election of Barrack Obama from the perspective of Cecil (Forest Whitaker) – a White House ...