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CIBC Child Pornography Deceased Persons 36 year old Oakville man Halton Regional Police Badge

Another Armed Robbery in Oakville: CIBC hit

The Halton Regional Police Service are investigating an armed robbery which occurred on Monday March 12, 2018 at approximately 1:45 pm at the CIBC Bank branch located at Speers Rd and Fourth Line

10-year Capital Forecast hand holding Canadian Currency: $5, $10, & $20 Bills

10-year Capital Forecast and Financing Plan received

Council received the town’s 10-year Capital Forecast and Financing Plan at its meeting of Monday, February 26, 2018, supporting Council’s commitment to make strategic investments in building and renewing community infrastructure, while keeping Oakville’s finances ...

Toronto Regional Police, Seized Weapon & Ammunition, Oakville, Ontario, October 7 2017

Toronto Regional Police execute Oakville search warrant: 45 Charges

On Saturday, October 7, 2017 The Toronto Regional Police, executed a search warrant in the area of Speers Road and Kerr Street, in Oakville

2018 Oakville budget Chair ,Chalk drawing of pig with 3 dollar signs and the word "budget"

Town Council unanimously approves 2017 Budget

Town Council met its goal to keep overall tax increases in line with inflation with the approval of the 2017 Budget at last night’s Council meeting. The approved 3.21 per cent increase to the town’s ...

Break and Enter Investigation Halton Regional Police Truck - Ford 2014 Explorer

Elderly Women dies after being hit by a Mack Truck on Speers Road

Halton Regional Police were called to the scene of a fatal vehicular accident on Speers Road.

Ford Halton Regional Police Car, Police Crime

1903 Charges laid by Halton Police during Canada Road Safety Week

During the period of 17-23 May 2016, uniform and plainclothes officers from across all areas of the Halton Regional Police Service supported the National driving campaign known as Canada Road Safety Week, conducting a heightened ...

Exterior of Film.ca at Twilight

Film.ca: Oakville’s Independent Cinema is Rejuvenated

Not many movie theatres get to claim the same sort of cinematic story for itself that Oakville’s Film.ca Cinemas does. But the cinema’s CEO wants guests to know that the story isn’t over, until you ...

Break and Enter Investigation Halton Regional Police Truck - Ford 2014 Explorer

Quebec Man Arrested for Corbett’s Sporting Goods Robbery

On December 30th, 2013 Corbett’s Sporting Goods located in the Town of Oakville was broken into in the early morning hours. Entry to the premise was gained through the roof.

Oakville’s Newcomers Information Centre Helps 1,500 to 2,000 New Immigrants

Oakville’s  Newcomer Information Centre (NIC) assists with over 10,000 inquiries annually from 1,500 to 2,000 individuals per year (1% of Oakville’s population). This does not include the newcomer’s who have the resources to purchase a ...

Bradley PARKIN-WILLIAMS Police Officer Staff Sergeant Brad Murray Halton Regional Police Badge

A Minor Collision Foils a West Oakville Bank Robbery Getaway

On Saturday 27th July 2013, a lone male suspect entered the RBC bank located on Speers Road and Forth Line in Oakville. The suspect armed with a handgun and wearing a full face mask and ...