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Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King: Movie Review

Stephen King is arguably the most recognized horror author today. With 4 films released this year alone, it’s safe to say his brand is booming. Topping off the final film this year, after the mediocre ...

Movie Review: IT is a Terrifying Treat

Following three lackluster weeks at the box office, the first blockbuster of the fall is here. And It (meaning the noun and the title) delivers everything fans of the popular horror property have hoped for. ...

The Dark Tower

Movie Review: It’s a Short, Boring, Dark Tower

The month of August is known for uninspiring blockbusters, and The Dark Tower is no exception. It’s shallow from the beginning, and the fantasy action is far from engaging.

Oakville Today: February 20, 2013

Weather Baby it’s cold outside. Yup you’re going to need your woolies, since it is minus 17 with the windchill. Today’s high will be minus 5 or minus 14 with the windchill. On top of ...