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Angie & Barry Wylie, Stephen Leahy & Darla Campbell

Canadian Club of Halton Peel presented: Shocking Facts About Our Water Usage

“We don’t realize our entire society runs on water. It doesn’t run on oil.” According to Stephen Leahy, Award-Winning International Environmental Journalist, and speaker at the recent Canadian Club of Halton Peel dinner, “With water ...

Dr. Sean Wharton at podium

Canadian Club of Halton presented Effective Weight Management with Dr. Wharton

Our weight and the management of it is a problem that many of us struggle with day to day. When the scale begins to show us that we have added a few pounds, we desperately ...

“They Left Us Everything!” by Plum Johnson

Maria Johnson, or Plum, as we all know her, was awarded this year’s RBC Taylor Prize for excellence in Canadian non-fiction for her memoir and her first book, “They Left Us Everything”, chosen from 128 ...