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Oakville Toastmasters succeed at Tall Tales Contest

Despite many organizations wrapping up the summer season, many Oakville Toastmasters took to the stage last Monday in a foray of anecdotal prowess honouring the mantle of Mary Heary. She is an influential Toastmaster famous ...

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Keep it Fresh – Great Interview Stories: A Recruiter’s Perspective

I heard a great expression this week: “We change our teams every three months to keep things from getting calcified.”

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The Rhythm of the Risen Life: A Christian Perspective

It was Easter Sunday evening and the resurrected Jesus had been busy. Jesus had appeared to women in the early dawn. Later that day, he had appeared to two disciples walking about ten kilometres to ...

How to Stay Motivated to Make a Change: Oakville Recruiter

It feels like the dark days of winter are still here. I know that it is getting lighter earlier (my dog is pretty happy about that) but it’s still cold and the wind still blows ...

Oakville Today: March 4, 2013

Weather The sun is shining but the temperature is a cool minus 6. The temperature will rise to a high of minus 2 before dropping down to minus 5. However, with the sunshine, it will ...