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Jared du Toit,

Time to Fight the OMB’s Over-Reach and SAVE Glen Abbey Golf Course

It is time to put a hard stop on the OMB over reach in Oakville. WE, as a community, have to do it right NOW. Or we just might loose an iconic and cultural landmark: ...

Tents in a forest

Household Income required to purchase an Oakville Home: $178,330

Maybe, it’s more realistic to expect living in a tent if you don’t already own a home in the GTA. Tents can be pretty nice. An enlightening article in the Toronto Star published on August 12, ...

Adrien Brody and Yvonne Strahovski

Willson Oakville Film Festival announces Line Up

The Willson Oakville Film Festival, Oakville’s first and only independent film festival, is proud to announce the lineup for its third annual film festival, June 24-26, in Oakville, Ontario.

Terence Young

Marijuana and Brothel Comments by Oakville’s Terence Young hits National News Outlets

Terence Young, Oakville’s incumbent Conservative MP has made it to the big times regarding comments he made  at the Oakville Chamber of Commerce’s All Candidates Debate on Tuesday, October 6th.

Worn Baseball

Pitch Talk: A Forum for Baseball Fans comes to Oakville

Pitch Talks is coming to Oakville to bring real baseball stories to real baseball fans. Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star will moderate and be joined by Rich Griffin (Toronto Star), Andrew Stoeten (AndrewStoeten.com), Shi ...

Hazel McCallion

Thank You Hazel – Women Owe You One

“Women have to work harder”. I knew that already, but I have not said it aloud lately, lest people think I am whining or trying to get an unfair advantage over my male opponents. Hazel ...