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10-year Capital Forecast hand holding Canadian Currency: $5, $10, & $20 Bills

10-year Capital Forecast and Financing Plan received

Council received the town’s 10-year Capital Forecast and Financing Plan at its meeting of Monday, February 26, 2018, supporting Council’s commitment to make strategic investments in building and renewing community infrastructure, while keeping Oakville’s finances ...

Downtown Oakville Streetscape Design

Council approves Traditional Downtown Oakville Furnishing

The revitalization of Lakeshore Road took a big step forward Monday, February 13, 2017 when Council approved the bridge railing, the lighting and the furniture selections (streetlight poles, benches, bollards, bike rings) for downtown Oakville.

Liveable Oakville: Time To Grow Up

My first introduction to the power of urban planning came courtesy of a trek I made as a teenager hitchhiking down the west coast of the United States and spending some time in Portland on ...

Interior lobby

Redevelopment Budget Approved for Oakville Arena & Trafalgar Park

Plans to redevelop Oakville Arena and Trafalgar Park now include an outdoor rink, an accessible playground with shade structure, a fitness centre and a room in the new fire hall dedicated to fire safety education ...

Mr Briggs standing at a podium

Bronte’s East & Lake Proposed Mixed Condo brought planning concerns to the forefront

Sean O’Meara the Town and Regional Councillor for Ward 1 notified residents via email, that the report prepared the Town of Oakville Planning Department for the property located at 2266 Lakeshore Rd W and 83 ...

Oakville Toll Booths approved by Town Council

After a year of exhaustive studies and public consultations, Town Council has made the decision last night, March 31, 2016 that toll booths will be erected at all locations where vehicles will enter Oakville. They ...

Chris Kowalchuck outside smiling

Oakville Ward 2 By-Election Candidate: Chris Kowalchuk

Chris Kowalchuck is one of those people who you might have just met, but you feel immediately comfortable with. He is easy going; and you can just tell he cares. We sit down, and have ...

Street Light at night

Oakville switches to high-efficiency LED streetlights

The Town of Oakville is shining a spotlight on its environmental leadership by upgrading streetlights to high-efficiency light emitting diodes (LEDs) beginning this month.

UBER, Front of 2015 Ford Edge

Yes, UBER has arrived in Oakville, Ontario

Recently, I decided to see if I could take UBER in Oakville. I’m not sure why I was interested. It may have been watching a Toronto cab driver hang onto a UBER driver’s car as ...

Oakville February 11th thru 19th 2018 Mayoral Candidates Debates 2018 Municipal Articles Town of Oakville Flag

Oakville’s Ward 2 By-Election Called for April 2016

At the November 16, 2015 Council Meeting, the town council seat for Ward 2 was declared vacant, and a special meeting was called for  January 11, 2016 in order to open nominations for a by-election.

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