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Review 2018 Acclaimed Candidates Town of Oakville Councillors

Town of Oakville to introduce new ward boundaries for 2018 municipal election

Town Council has unanimously voted to move forward on changing the town’s ward boundary system, pending an increase to Regional Council’s representation. The decision means that Oakville’s ward boundaries will increase from six to seven, ...

Ray Chisholm

Oakville goes to the polls to elect new Ward 2 Town Councillor: Ray Chisholm

Voting day arrived in Ward 2, to overcast skies, and early morning rain. A total of 11 candidates were on the slate for Monday, April 11, 2016.

John Pilcher

Oakville Ward 2 By-Election Candidate: John Pilcher

John Pilcher is professional, curious and passionate about Oakville, and every thing that makes our community work.

Ruth Anne McAuley

Oakville Ward 2 By-Election Candidate: Ruth-Anne McAuley

There is just something familiar about Ruth-Anne McAuley. It took me a moment to realize that she reminded me of one my favourite teachers from high school. She is now a retired teacher, but it ...

Julie McLeod

Oakville Ward 2 By-Election Candidate: Julie McLeod

Julie McLeod presents as well put together and thoughtful person, and that is what she is and a great deal more.

Sean Neville in shirt and sweater inside

Oakville Ward 2 By-Election Candidate: Sean Neville

Sean sits down to our meeting with a sense of interest and comfort. He’s comfortable talking. He’s smart and approachable, so our conversation has an easy flow.

Cheryle McCullagh outside, with long hair, in a blouse

Oakville Ward 2 By-Election Candidate: Cheryle McCullagh

When you meet Cheryle you know you’ve met a determined woman, who also knows how to get the job done with a smile. This is our first time meeting, and she has already provided me ...

Fraser Damoff with full beard in a duffle coat outside

Oakville Ward 2 By-Election Candidate: Fraser Damoff

Fraser Damoff is likely one of the younger people in the race for Ward 2, but he is no stranger to local politics. He is the son of Pam Damoff, who vacated Ward 2’s town ...

Justin Trudeau, John Oliver, Pam Damoff

Oakville’s New Partners in Ottawa: Oakville Mayoral Perspective

All those who put themselves forward for election to represent us in Parliament are to be thanked for the generosity of their offering of their time and talent in the election yesterday. The calibre of ...

Natalia Lishchyna

Natalia Lishchyna becomes Ward 6’s new Town Councillor

As of 9:20 PM on Monday July 13, 2015, the votes that have been unofficially counted indicate that Natalia Lishchyna will become the new Town Councillor for Ward 6. She will be taking over the ...

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