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Bike Month

Can Bike Month relieve traffic congestion?

June is Bike Month, and to help you discover the over 193 kilometres of on- and off-road cycling paths throughout Oakville, the town is popping up at community centres all month with ideas on where ...


Rising Costs the most significant factor impacting Oakville Business & Industry

Today, the Oakville Chamber of Commerce released the results of its 2016 advocacy survey which was ran from May 27, 2016 to June 17, 2016. Rising costs are impacting local businesses and congestion continues to ...

“Oakville Town Economic Update with Mayor Rob Burton”

Mayor Rob Burton addressed a packed house of Oakville Chamber of Commerce business-people at the Holiday Inn on Argus Road. During the “Oakville Town Economic Update with Mayor Rob Burton”, the Mayor proudly claimed that ...

Infrastructure Investment

Ward 5 Issues : What Can and Is Being Done

I’ve had the pleasure on knocking on many doors and listening carefully to what you are saying. The issues that I keep hearing from them are Air Traffic, Taxes, Gridlock, and controlling Growth and Development ...

Longo Store Front

Letter to Editor: Longo supports Wyecroft Bridge to ease congestion

Dear Municipal Leaders, Thank you for your commitment to our community and public service. We wish you all the best in the upcoming elections.