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Oakville’s Leanest – Former Rugby Pro Talks Turkey

Oakville is home to a diversity of people from all walks of life. We have locally owned cinemas, farmers, communication professionals, cooks, and even athletes, specifically former rugby pro Phil Mackenzie. Yes, we have more ...

February 24th Proposed Bill C-51, Canadian Flag

Halton’s Interfaith Council stands united in peace in light of the recent terror attacks

The Interfaith Council of Halton represents all the different faiths in our region, and as a group we condemn the heartless attacks against innocent victims, both in Lebanon and Paris last week.

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Editorial: To TURKEY with LOVE

I have visited Turkey on a number of occasions, meeting wonderful people, experiencing and appreciating culture and food, engaging in business and helping people in the work they do. Laughing, talking, touring, I love Turkey ...

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Gamay, Nouveau, and Montmartre: Oakville Sommelier

As Americans are heading into Thanksgiving next week and selecting wine to pair with the occasion, the French are busy the week before preparing for what happens every year on the third Thursday in November, ...

Thanksgiving, White or Red? Oakville’s Sommelier

Both white and red wines can make wonderful pairings for your Thanksgiving dinner! Choose light to medium bodied wines to avoid overwhelming your turkey and trimmings. Rose and sparkling wines make great aperitifs, and they can ...

Uncomfortable Freedom: A Christian Perspective

It seems a disturbing truth of history that we humans don’t cope well with freedom. We prize it even enough to die for, but we often ignore it when we have it, deny it to ...