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Howard and his story find hallowed ground: Movie Review

Anyone familiar with popular culture of the last 40 years likely knows the name of Howard Ashman. And yet it’s astonishing how much more about his work we know than about the man himself. Don ...


Summerland is summer’s first surprise: Movie Review

Summerland is a quaint story that makes for a pleasant, if somewhat forgettable, film. But the real story isn’t really about the movie at all. It’s about the triumphant return of new release films to ...

Animal Crackers movie

Animal Crackers is an absolute failure: Movie Review

Animal Crackers, Netflix’s new animated family film, is accomplishing a dismal feat and setting an unfortunate record. Not only is it possibly the worst movie on Netflix and the worst movie so far this year, ...

Ripley's Aqaurium

Ripley’s Aquarium is Ready for You

Ripley’s Aquarium is nestled in the middle of downtown Toronto, at the centre of entertainment district – among the busiest in the city. But these days, the crowds look a little different. And by different, ...

Aga Khan

Aga Khan is the best museum you haven’t been to

Most people haven’t been to Toronto’s Aga Khan museum, and you may not have even heard of it. While the focal point is muslim art, that’s just one conduit. Their goal is simple: the Aga ...

Hamilton film

Hamilton Film at Home is Flawless: Movie Review

It’s both surprising and not the Hamilton film is the most anticipated and acclaimed movie of 2020. As America celebrates Independence Day this weekend, the film celebrates a different accomplishment in its history.

Photo: Home Box Office

Movies to watch on HBO while waiting at home

Home Box Office (HBO) may be better known as a premium television network, but HBO Movies are equally worthwhile watching. And just because the movies are often overlooked by their wide variety of series doesn’t ...

I Still Believe

I Still Believe hits the right chords: Movie Review

For every set of unrefined and uninteresting movies of faith that get made, credit is due when one is made well. I Still Believe, the new romance from the Erwin Brothers (of 2018 hit I ...

The Stars of Mars

The Stars of Mars launches to Madcap Success: Theatre Sheridan Review

While Sheridan College is known for producing among the best theatre in town, true masterpieces are still rare. The Stars of Mars not only joins those ranks but is also the best instalment of the Canadian ...


Cabaret Comes Just in Time: Theatre Sheridan Review

If you think you’ve seen how brutally beautiful Kander and Ebb’s Cabaret can be, think again. Theatre Sheridan has delivered a new production that is as dark and daring as it is dazzling.

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