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New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve 2019 – December 31st Events in Oakville

Are trying to find out what events are near you in Oakville on December 31st for New Year’s Eve 2019? You no longer have to search multiple websites, we’ve searched them all for you.

Stuber: Movie Review

Stuber is something of a strange film. It has an immensely interesting and creative premise. A charming and lovable lead character, and the adrenaline pumping action of your typical summer film and yet, it’s not ...


New Year’s Eve in Oakville: December 31, 2016

Like many, Oakvillians will be celebrating the New Year in style, whether they are heading out on the town at one of the many locations holding formal parties or staying home and watching a movie. ...

Uber Driver looking from the back seat of a car driven by and UBER Driver

Oakville introduces licensing by-law to regulate UBER

At last night’s meeting, Monday, December 12, 2016 Town Council approved a new licensing by-law allowing Transportation Network Companies (TNC) to operate legally in Oakville. The new regulations focus on health and safety as well ...

Uber Driver looking from the back seat of a car driven by and UBER Driver

Driving for UBER in Oakville: A Personal Perspective

There continues to be a great deal of discussion about UBER. Recently the Town of Oakville sent out a request for feedback on ride share companies who are providing ground transportation which is part of ...

person holding smart phone

Can’t Uber this….. A Recruiter’s Perspective

There was a really good article in Fast Company yesterday about UBER. It seems that the on-demand service is so popular that people are trying to offer different types of services using a similar platform.

Uber Driver looking from the back seat of a car driven by and UBER Driver

Regulation and the Sharing Economy: An Economist’s Perspective

Like it or not, the sharing economy is everywhere. I’ll go as far as saying it will be one of the big economic stories of 2016, although its influence will extend far longer than that. ...

UBER, Front of 2015 Ford Edge

Yes, UBER has arrived in Oakville, Ontario

Recently, I decided to see if I could take UBER in Oakville. I’m not sure why I was interested. It may have been watching a Toronto cab driver hang onto a UBER driver’s car as ...

Taxi Sign

Ever use a taxi service in Oakville? Tell us about it.

The Town of Oakville is conducting a comprehensive review of the taxi by-law and is asking the public for their input regarding the service they are currently receiving. The information received will be used to ...