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Beverage Alcohol

Unleash Ontario’s beverage alcohol sector

Today, the Oakville Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce released a new report, Refreshing the Sale of Beverage Alcohol in Ontario. This report outlines how the province could modernize the ...

Three wine stem glasses, red, amber and clear water

Water to Wine: A Christian Perspective

Jesus was a challenging child to begin with, running off when he was twelve to discuss theology with the rabbis in the temple, leaving his desperate parents wondering where he was.


The Oakville Farmer’s Market moves to Centennial Square in Downtown Oakville

Shop local and find fresh, seasonal produce, flowers, baked goods and locally made food and products at the Oakville Farmers’ Market in Centennial Square (120 Navy Street), part of the Town of Oakville’s Summer Cultural ...

California Cabernet Sauvignon

Sunny California Cabernet Sauvignon

The song “It never rains in Southern California…” might need some updating these days to include the entire state for the fact it has hardly rained in California over the past several years. Although drought conditions ...

Straight Up: The Issue of Alcohol in Ontario

Liquor Control and Wine Tastings

There has been increasing controversy as of late about the monopoly that is the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) and over the fact that Ontario still seems to be living in the days of ...

Trois Femmes Rosé

Beamsville, Land of Wine and Honey

Last Friday night the Oakville Wine Enthusiasts Club (OWEC) monthly tasting was lead by the delightful Krystina Roman from Rosewood Estates Winery.

Moroccan Cauliflower Soup

Is it soup yet? Oakville’s Sommelier

With days getting cooler and autumn approaching, soup sounds so appetizing.

Peninsula Ridge Wine

Local Wine with Local Food

Inspired by the fresh Gazpacho I enjoyed so much last week at The Restaurant of Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery, I was inspired to try and recreate this soup myself. Made with fresh local ingredients purchased at Hildreth ...

The RESTAURANT at Peninsula Ridge

Summertime Wine on the Beamsville Bench

It was a gorgeous afternoon in Niagara this past Thursday as I lunched with a friend on the patio of The RESTAURANT at Peninsula Ridge.

Graze the Bench Pass

Music, Food and Wine on the Beamsville Bench: Oakville Sommelier

Graze the Bench 2014, a 2-day celebration of wine produced on the Beamsville Bench viticultural area of Ontario, began last Saturday with a glorious day of weather, live bands, food and wine pairings at 8 ...

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