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Justice League

Movie Review: Justice League is a Jumbled Letdown

Superheroes are everywhere in cinemas these days, with new an endless parade of new movies in the genre coming every several weeks. Sadly, while Justice League had potential to be the landmark event film its ...

Movie Review: Logan’s Legacy at Last Complete

Visceral, violent, and vitally important, Logan (the newest X-Men adventure) is boldly different from multiple genres and infectiously dynamic. It’s a masterpiece to behold with it’s beautiful scenery and acting, and most of all, a ...

Prisoners is the Dragon Tattoo of 2013: 5/5

You and your wife are cleaning up after a dinner with the neighbours after which you take a stroll downstairs to check on the kids. You come across the teenagers but you can’t find your ...

The Wolverine Digs Its Claws Deep: 4/5

In the year 2009, us lovers of cinema were granted several fascinating works of art: Watchmen, Inglorious Bastards, Avatar and Star Trek. Among these spectacular films, there was one disaster. X-Men Origins: Wolverine.