The Federal Candidates’ Business Views for Oakville’s two Ridings

Oakville and Oakville North Burlington Candidates respond to Oakville Chamber of Commerce's Questions

All Candidates from Oakville Ridings on Dias
The Federal Candidates’ Business Views for Oakville’s two Ridings
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Danielle Leonard

Danielle is the Communications Coordinator for Oakville Chamber of Commerce, and manages their internal and external communications, including disseminating news to the public and the media. She is a graduate of both the Western University and Ryerson University.

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As a follow up to the debate held by the Oakville Chamber on October 6, candidates for Oakville and Oakville North-Burlington have been invited to provide answers to four business-related questions, as well as submit a summary on themselves and/or their party platform. The responses received have been posted on the Oakville Chamber website at The responses are provided¬†in order of the candidates’ last names.

The four questions posed to candidates were:

  1. In your opinion, what are Oakville’s top infrastructure needs and how does your party plan to address them?
  2. What measures would your party pursue to ensure Oakville manufacturers can compete globally?
  3. How will you and your party fill the growing gap in skilled trades? And in particular, how will you attract young people to the trades?
  4. Would you please define “middle class”? And how would Oakville families and businesses benefit from your policies?

Oakville Riding Candidates are:

  1. Conservative: Terence Young
  2. Green: David Doel
  3. Liberal: John Oliver
  4. NDP: Che Marville

Oakville North Burlington Candidates are:

  • Conservative: Effie Triantafilopoulos
  • Green: Adnan Shahbaz
  • Liberal: Pam Damoff
  • Libertarian: David Clemment
  • NDP: Janice Best

The Oakville Chamber of Commerce has posted all responses that have been received, to date. To view the post, visit



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