“The Heat” Leaves You Cold: 2.5/5


When two drastically different law enforcement officers are thrust onto the same case, they must learn to use their complementary strengths to take down a violent criminal. This is the storyline behind every buddy-cop comedy, ever.  But this time is different; this time they’re women. And though leading ladies Sandra Bullock and Mellissa McCarthy deliver, The Heat barely sizzles.

Ironically, what The Heat is missing is just that: the heat. The action is clearly lacking here with the actual police work often feeling like an afterthought. This could have been fine. After all, most buddy-cop films aren’t particularly renowned for their portrayal of policing. It was disappointing, however, that we never see Melisa McCarthy’s baby (a rocket launcher) put to use. The real issue is that without any action the success of the film relies almost entirely on its jokes, many of which fall flat.

The Heat

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Overall Rating:
Opens: June 28, 2013
Running time: 117 minutes
Genre: Action/Comedy

Sandra Bullock plays Sarah Ashburn, an uptight, know-it-all, FBI agent who has been partnered with Shannon Mullins (McCarthy), a brash and abrasive Boston PD officer. Both women find the sweet-spot in their roles and consistently deliver. Unfortunately, not even some fantastic comedic timing (particularly on the part of McCarthy) can save a bad joke. This leaves the film with a mixed bag of laugh out loud moments and out-of-place silliness.

Director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) finds a decent pace throughout the film.  This, however, leads to a disappointingly anti-climactic ending that, frankly, was better in 21 Jump Street.

Though the buddy-cop formula is tried, tested and true, with nothing to differentiate it besides its two leading ladies, The Heat is underwhelming and predictable. 2.5/5 – rent it.


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