The lingering effects of negative political allegations

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Max Khan
The lingering effects of negative political allegations
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Nolan A Machan

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During the last several weeks, I’ve had a clear view of what is happening during this municipal campaign. One of the issues I’ve observed is the effect of negative allegations and how we as an electorate must separate fact from perception.

OakvilleNews.Org had an opportunity to speak to Mr. Khan, the town councillor for Ward 6. He was kind enough to speak openly about allegations regarding Mr. Khan by MP Terence Young as well as rumours that continue to circulate about Mr. Khan’s residency.

Mayor Rob Burton - Photo Credit: Janet Bedford -

Mayor Rob Burton – Photo Credit: Janet Bedford

Mr. Khan has regularly had to deal with allegations that he is not a resident of Oakville. In 2011, MP Terence Young indicated to Elections Canada that Mr. Khan did not live in Oakville. This rumour is still circulating today – which demonstrates the impact of negative allegations. Elections Canada did call a meeting regarding Mr. Khan’s residency. At that meeting Mr. Khan willingly provided receipts and corroberating affidavits of residency. Elections Canada stated that his residency was in fact in Oakville. Even with this vindication, the rumours still linger.

It brings to mind the allegations that President Obama was not born in the US. Even though his place of birth was verified, the rumours still linger.

Recently, MP Terence Young has sent out to his followers a note indicating various allegations about Mr. Burton and Mr. Khan and was reported on by the Oakville Beaver. They were based on a question he asked Member of Parliament and Liberal Federal Leader Justin Trudeau.

Mr. Khan has indicated that since he has filed a defamation suit in Superior Court against MP Terence Young, he has been advised by his lawyer to remain quiet on the matter.

John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin, Candidate for Mayor

Mr. Burton has also been facing allegations brought forward by Mr. McLaughlin in an affidavit filed with the town clerk regarding misconduct. Mr. McLaughlin is running against Mr. Burton for Mayor.

According to procedure any affidavits submitted after August 1st of an election year against an elected official can not be reviewed by the sitting council, but rather is held until the newly elected council sits. It is town council that decides whether an investigation is required by the integrity commissioner. Should council decide to proceed, the integrity commissioner is retained by the town.

Even the issuance of an affidavit has negative connotations. Why has Mr. McLaughlin decided sign an affidavit where he could be sued for libel? Since Mr. Burton, Oakville’s sitting mayor can not address the affidavit due to procedure is this really in the best interest of residents?

Perceptions vs facts are important concepts to remember prior to checking off who you want to represent you in government – do your due diligence and the facts should speak for themselves.


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  1. I swore an affidavit concerning alleged violations of the “Code of Conduct” by Mayor Burton – because I had reasonable grounds to believe the Code was violated.

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