The Temptations of Summer: Oakville Recruiter

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The Temptations of Summer: Oakville Recruiter
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Now that the bitter winds of winter are a distant memory and patio season is here, the temptations are everywhere.

  • One Dilly bar or two
  • Beach,Patio or office
  • Golf course or sales calls
  • Comfy shirt or pressed blouse
  • Resume or romance novel

Don’t get sucked into thinking that hiring stops for the summer. It doesn’t. Sure it might take longer if decision makers are away on vacation but the hiring process carries on.

In fact, networking can be even more powerful now. When you call someone and invite them for lunch, they are more likely to be free and willing to get out of the office for a while.

Meeting folks while at the cottage or on a stay cation is pretty easy too. The last time I was at a resort in cottage country, I made it my goal to meet one new person each day. I came home with three new connections and a business lead. Awesome.

You can do some surfing to find industry events and conferences taking place in the fall. Beat the rush and get approval now. You will look pretty motivated and forward thinking in the process.

But most of all, pay attention. Check out postings and take calls from recruiters. At the very least, you will know what’s going on in the marketplace.

You might find that LinkedIn and Prosecco make a great pair. But only one….. Drunk job apps are about as effective as drunk dialling – no way to start a relationship.



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