The Town of Oakville has spoken. “We’re satisfied.”

The Town of Oakville has spoken. “We’re satisfied.”
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Mashaal Effendi is a writer and new Canadian, having started the new chapter of his life moving to Canada, with Oakville as his first home, which always carries a special place in his heart.Mashaal has worked as a writer in film, television, theatre, advertising, communications, and even in speechwriting during his time as a Toastmaster.An avid reader, video game enthusiast, and musician ( who presently plays drums for a band called "The Downgrades"), Mashaal enjoys gathering experiences around Oakville, and telling stories that make Oakville the special place that it is.

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It’s official, Oakville residents are highly satisfied with the state of governance of their community.

This according to a report recently released by the Town of Oakville which is conducted biennially in efforts to help inform budget and strategic plan considerations for Oakville.

Findings of the report and corresponding survey nod to a positive reception of the Town of Oakville by residents. With the last report being issued in 2017, the 2019 installment has discerned several key trends apparent from findings in the report such as:


  • Strong overall satisfaction of residents towards the Town of Oakville employees at an impressive 81% of residents reporting that they are satisfied. This number remaining consistent with 2017 findings.
  • Oakville residents expressing high satisfaction with town services at 96% (up from 89% in 2017).
  • When residents were asked the features or characteristics that make Oakville livable, the top three qualities included local parks, recreation opportunities and sports teams, the small-town, community or family atmosphere, and safety insofar as lower levels of crimes reported as opposed to other areas of the GTA.
  • Oakville residents continue to perceive the town positively. A clear majority (77%) believe livability is better in Oakville than in most other GTA areas making Oakville a desirable place to set up roots.
  • Rave reviews also exhibited by residents for service provided in a timely manner (87%) nodding to the level of care the average Oakville denizen felt they were likely to receive from a town official.
  • Residents convey impressive satisfaction with town services at 96% (up from 89% in 2017) nodding to an astoundingly high level of happiness prevalent in residents when dealing with town facilities and offices.

The method gearing the citizen survey process includes two distinct elements: a comprehensive 20-minute telephone survey of 809 randomly selected residents selected from a pool of landline as well as cell phones users. The project was conducted between January 22 to February 15, 2019, to give citizens with a platform to offer their input into the citizen survey process.

Conclusively, Oakville residents are pleased with the community’s governing bodies evidently putting many Oakville residents at ease about their friendly neighbourhood commune’s tidings.

Nevertheless, despite the positive assessments of the Town of Oakville, some top-of-mind issues were the problematic situation of traffic congestions which was identified as residents’ top priority, followed by urban sprawl and development. These point to feasible steps that Oakville governance can follow up on to immediately pave the way for next year’s strategic goals.

Building off a great review at this year’s opening, it remains to be seen how Oakville’s governing staff and officials will up the ante in coming months. Yet its recent victory in gaining favour with Oakville residents will lend itself to only positive hopes and expectations for the next year, and the next report’s results.

If you wish to be updated of the Town of Oakville’s 2019 Citizen Survey results, information will be posted to the town’s website and communicated through the town’s e-newsletter, Twitter and Facebook.

To view the full report click here.





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