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Things made in Oakville for a truly local Christmas

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Nolan A Machan

Nolan A Machan

Nolan Machan is the Publisher of OakvilleNews.Org and has over 41 years of local Oakville knowledge. He is committed to providing Oakville residents with the most up-to-date information about our great town.

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As you go hunting around for the perfect gifts for the holidays, whether it is for your spouse or next door neighbour, do you know that there are several local artisans and companies that make excellent gifts in Oakville? Yes, you can have a truly local holiday, and support our local economy at the same time.

So here are just a couple of ideas for your consideration:

Bars of Soap

SoapBliss handmade soaps

Soap Bliss

These soap bars are lovingly made from scratch with 100% biodegradable vegetable oils and emollients (no premade bases or animal products). This ultimate formula was three years in the making with the aim to create a bubbly, long lasting bar of soap perfectly balanced to clean and condition skin without stripping of it’s natural oils AND without leaving a residue on your body or the environment. These blissful bars of sweet soapiness really are a gift from the earth!


2 Beading Hearts Jewels bracelet

Two Beading Hearts Jewelry

2 Beading Hearts Jewellery began from a passion in 2010. In the beginning it was fairly locally contained within Oakville, Ontario. They take pride in selling 92.5% sterling silver jewellery pieces. With these pieces they create unique jewellery and bring it to you at extremely reasonable prices. All our jewellery is of a high quality!

HeatherAhn Design

This local artist works out of Queen Elizabeth Community and Cultural Centre. She makes a wide selection of unique items from one of a kind pieces of furniture to unique ceramics. She is available to do commissions as well.

Nina Duong Haute Couture

Guys if you really feel like putting a big smile on daughter’s, girlfriend’s, or wife’s face head over to Nina Duong Haute Couture in Bronte. She does specialize in Wedding Dresses, but she can design a gorgeous dress that will make any woman happy.

Oakville Art Society

The society has a gift shop which is open from 10 AM to 3 PM from Monday to Thursday. However, what is particularly helpful is their membership list that is categorized by the artist’s specialty. The artists who are selling their works have websites.

Gifts of Oakville Foods

Cup of CoffeeFor many of us, many of our friends and family have everything they could possibly need. So why not give the gift of sustenance. Almost every restaurant and bakery has gift cards/certificates. There are two companies that I would like to point out. The first is Brothers’ Coffee Roaster, which is carried exclusively by Kerr Street Cafe. If you love coffee, you may have already fallen in love with their coffee. This past summer they took it up a notch, and opened up their own roastery. The second is Schillings Patisserie aux Chocolate, that is the only local chocolatier who makes amazing truffles and other assorted chocolates. When you have this level of quality available locally, why not give them your support.

Entertainment in Oakville

Theatre masks

Photo credit: mikecogh / Foter / <a

Giving the gift of entertainment is truly a wonderful gift to receive. There are so many local alternatives who provide our community with the best the country has the offer. If you have someone who has a love of country/folk music why not check out the acts talking place at the Moonshine Cafe. For musical theatre Oakville is home to Theatre Sheridan. The acts performed by Sheridan College will leave you wanting more. Finally, we have an amazing community theatre, The Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts which brings in top acts from around the world from comedians, musical performances, to lectures. The Oakville Centre is also home to the Oakville Symphony Orchestra, and the Oakville Chamber Orchestra. Finally, last but by no means least are Masterworks of Oakville which is a combination of Orchestra and Choir, and Musikay which is also a combination of orchestral and choral music.

Sports in Oakville

Oakville, ON - Oct 18, 2014 : Ontario Junior Hockey League game action

Oakville fans have a lot to cheer about at an Oakville Blades game. (Photo by Kevin Sousa / OJHL Images)

Oakville has a plethora of sports teams, but one of the most enjoyable things to do is watching the Oakville Blades hockey team. The tickets are $12/person, and if you know someone who enjoys the game, why not give them a couple of tickets.

Oakville’s Ultimate Gift

Ford 2015 EDGE

Ford 2015 EDGE

So let’s say you have no limits and you have deep pockets. Well, we have a perfect gift options for you and they are made right here in Oakville. The first is the 2015 Ford Edge starting at $31,999 which is rated by consumer reports as one of the better made vehicles. If you want to take it up another notch you can lash out for the luxurious 2016 Lincoln MKX starting at $45,890. You can pick up an EDGE at either Kennedy Ford or Oak-Land Ford, and for the Lincoln you’ll need to go to Oak-Land Lincoln.

There are more options than these, so if you do make great gifts in Oakville that you believe should be on this list, just let us know, and add it to the comment section below. 



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