Thinking of driving impaired? New Rules effective October 2, 2016

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Thinking of driving impaired? New Rules effective October 2, 2016
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Detective Barry Malciw

Detective Barry Malciw

Detective Barry Malciw was the Media Relations Officer for the Halton Regional Police Services. He is a detective of the Halton Regional Police Oakville Criminal Investigations Bureau – Robbery Team.

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Driving impaired by drugs or alcohol is dangerous – it costs lives, money and your license. Now, thanks to the amendments to the Highway Traffic Act (HTA), it is going to cost you more.

Ontario already has strict impaired driving laws that include an immediate driver’s license suspension, vehicle impoundment and additional monetary penalties.

Your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) does not have to be over the 0.08 legal limit to result in serious consequences. If you register a BAC from 0.05 to 0.08 (commonly referred to as the warn range), amendments to the HTA on October 2, 2016 will introduce new rules and regulations designed to keep roads even safer including:

  1. All repeat warn range impaired drivers will be required to complete a remedial measures program.
  2. Third time offenders will be subject to installing an ignition interlock device for a period of six months, at their own expense.

These amendments made to the Highway Traffic Act also include new sanctions for drug impaired driving:

  1. Drivers impaired by illegal or prescription drugs, as determined by a drug expert’s evaluation, will face roadside license suspensions from 3 to 90 days, additional monetary penalties and potential criminal charges.

Halton Police also wish to remind graduated license holders and young drivers under the age of 22 of the requirement to maintain a 0 blood alcohol level at all times while operating a motor vehicle. Officers continue to actively enforce the zero blood alcohol conditions via roadside breath and field testing. Those that don’t comply are subject to driving suspensions, costly tow bills and additional sanctions by the Ministry of Transportation.

265 Halton motorists made the choice to operate a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs in 2016, resulting in criminal charges. The amendments may seem harsh to some, however impaired motorists place all Halton residents at risk.

If you observe a vehicle being operated in any manner that places you or anyone else in danger, please call 911 for an immediate police response.



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