Three Winners Selected for Inaugural 3D Printing Contest at Sheridan

Award Winning 3D Printing Designs

Sheridan’s long-time printing vendor, Grenville, named three grand prize winners for its inaugural 3D Printing Contest. The presentation took place at Grenville’s Trafalgar campus location.

A total of $5,000 was awarded to three Sheridan student recipients who were presented with cash prizes, a certificate, and fittingly, 3D-printed trophies. Grenville launched the contest to encourage students to get creative with 3D-printed designs, and to showcase their new, on-site 3D printing capabilities.

Alvin Brian Tan took home first place, Joshua Yosurak was awarded second, and Ciriaco Julian Garcia claimed third. The intricate models were carefully designed by students using computer software and printed by staff at Grenville. A total of 16 submissions were received and were evaluated by two judges from Sheridan and one from Grenville.

3D printing is becoming the norm at Sheridan with its state-of-the-art, commercial 3D printing lab at the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies located at the William G. Davis campus in Brampton, and 3D printing labs at its Trafalgar Campus that support Sheridan’s Bachelor of Interaction Design degree. .

“We are a proud vendor and supporter of Sheridan,” Said Jill Burke, Manager of Marketing at Grenville who was on site to help present the awards with the CEO and President of Grenville, Michael Burke. “Now that we’ve seen the capabilities of Sheridan’s students first-hand, we hope to connect them to other clients of our print shops around the GTA who may be looking for people who know how to design using this medium.” Ivelina Nikolov, store manager at Grenville’s Trafalgar location added, “We are looking forward to running the contest again in the fall and inspiring even more students to enter.”

Grenville plans on displaying the winning 3D printed designs at its Trafalgar location for the next several weeks and encourages Sheridan students to keep an eye out for future contests.

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