Top Ten Gifts for Job Seekers

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Top Ten Gifts for Job Seekers
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Laura Machan

Laura Machan

Laura Machan is a Partner, Recruitment Solutions for a major human resources consulting firm based in Toronto, Ontario. Although she has been recruiting for quite a few years, she still gets a big thrill from calling someone to set up an interview and an even bigger thrill when she hears a happy dance as she tells them when their new job starts. Laura lives with her family in Oakville, where she has lived for over 25 years, and is a significant contributor to the Canadian Federation of University Women - Oakville and Women in Nuclear, Golden Horseshoe Chapter.

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It’s that time of year again – the time of year when we fill the malls looking for the perfect gifts. Is there a job seeker on your list? It’s unlikely you can find them a job to wrap up and put under the tree but here are some things they might really appreciate.

  1. A new dress shirt and scarf/tie – that’s bound to make them feel better as they step into their next interview
  2. A month of LinkedIn Premium.
  3. A couple of hours with a career coach
  4. A compilation of the best career podcasts or TED Talks
  5. A gift subscription to a magazine. A real magazine that comes in the mail. That way when they go to the mailbox, there will be something good to look at instead of just bills.
  6. A gift certificate from Vistaprint for business cards or personalized thank you notes
  7. Resume review with an experienced resume editor
  8. A fancy pen or folio to complete the accessories for their interview outfit
  9. Guest passes to a couple of yoga or meditation classes
  10. Coffee gift cards. There will always be time to use up before interviews and wrapping your hands around a hot cup of coffee or tea is a lovely way to deal with that. As an added bonus, if they meet someone randomly, they can offer to take them for coffee without worrying about having cash.

All the best for some great shopping!



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