Town of Oakville Holiday Update – Lowest Tax Increase in 15 years

Town of Oakville Holiday Update – Lowest Tax Increase in 15 years
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Rob Burton

Rob Burton

Rob Burton is the mayor of Oakville, Ontario. He was elected as Mayor in 2006, and re-elected for a third term in 2014. Mr. Burton is best known in the business community as the creator of YTV. He has a Master of Science degree in Journalism from Columbia University.

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2013 was a year full of milestones and positive momentum in Oakville.

As a Council, we’ve been steadily controlling growth, debt and taxes to just what fits environmentally and economically.

We’re adding community facilities, protecting our green spaces and reducing tax supported debt.

We keep moving down the rate of increases of both the average total property tax bill and the total property tax levy, by relentlessly focusing on efficiency.Oakville Property Tax Graph: Oakville News

People like the way we didn’t have to cut our valued town and region services to achieve our 7%-5%-3% direction.

In 2014, we will have our lowest total tax increase in 15 years, 0.8%!

What we’re creating is a greener, cleaner, more livable town with lower rates of growth in population and taxes.

Looking forward, I expect this positive momentum to continue.

Together, we’re working towards the opening of Oakville’s new state-of-the-art hospital, which we’ll fund without using tax dollars.

Together, we’re revitalizing our downtown streetscape, renewing the downtown library and theatre complex, and enhancing the way traffic flows through our downtown core.

Together, we’re building three new community centres for the areas around Kerr Street, the old hospital and North Park, and we’re continuing to plant trees and generate good jobs.

The longer I’m Mayor, the more deeply I understand that everyone wants ‘Our Town, Our Way.’

Together, we’re creating Canada’s most livable town.

In that spirit, Council and I wish you a Merry Christmas! We hope the season fills you with the joy of family, friends and loved ones.

Celebrate with Council at our annual New Year’s Levee on January 5 at 1 p.m. in the South Atrium of Town Hall.

See you there!



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  1. John McLaughlin says:

    Instructions for reading the Mayor’s “tax chart”. 1) Turn the chart upside down. 2) That blue arrow shows Oakville’s property taxes (and total spending) going up – forever. 3) Now, have yourself a Merry little Christmas indeed.


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