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At Monday April 25, 2015 community service committee meeting full councillor attendance received the staff report that suggested that the best way to deal with speed and traffic calming measures would be to increase the number of zones where the speed limit would be reduced to 40 km/h.

The reduced speed zones recommended by town staff are:

1. Introducing 40 km/hr when Flashing speed reduction zones (during school arrival and dismissal times) along town major collector and arterial class roadways along the frontage of all schools (secondary, elementary and private)

2. Introducing a 40 km/hr reduction speed zone (at all times) along Sheridan Garden Drive (west of Ford Drive) in support of John Knox Christian School and Wildwood Academy.

3. Introducing 40 km/hr reduction speed zones (at all times) along the frontage of all parks bordering or in close proximity to elementary school properties

4. Introducing 40 km/hr reduction speed zones (at all times) at Community, Senior Centres and Public Libraries along local and minor collector roads:

  • Bridge Road at Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre
  • Old Lakeshore Road at Sir John Colborne Centre
  • Kerr Street along the frontage of the Kerr Street Senior Centre
  • Woodside Drive along the frontage of the Woodside Public Library

The cost of this implementation is expected to be $126,000.

The traffic calming program gets implemented when 85% of drivers exceed the speed limit by 11 km/h. The traffic calming program is suggesting both passive as well as physical elements. However, the first step is to install Radar Speed Display Systems. They have been found to reduce the speeds by up to 7 km/h.

At this time there have been 12 streets in Oakville that have been identified that would benefit from the RSDS’s. The cost of each RSDS is $10,000. The town currently has 6 units, and there is a recommendation to purchase 6 more RSDS’s. If the RSDS are not effective more physical programs would be installed, which include:

  1. Raised crosswalks
  2. Curb extensions
  3. Roundabouts
  4. Raised centre medians
  5. Concrete speed cushions
  6. Chicanes

The measures outlined in the report may be rolled starting in Spring 2017. This report will be coming to council on Monday, May 2, 2016 at Town Hall in Council Chambers, which starts at 7:00 PM. Anyone wishing to speak at the meeting are requested to submit a written outline of their submission/ presentation to the Town Clerk at townclerk@oakville.ca to ensure its availability to the Members of Council at the meeting. All submissions must include your full name and address.



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