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Kathleen Steele

Kathleen Steele

Since launching One by One Interiors more than nine years ago, Kathleen continues to develop her timeless sophisticated style, believing colour and texture, when in the right balance, creates the perfect interior design. Kathleen works collaboratively with every client. Whether the session is an Initial Consultation, Full Design, or Project Management, Kathleen achieves the Interior Design result that surpasses her client`s expectation. Kathleen’s kitchen design has been recognized and photographed in AYA Kitchen`s in-store magazine.

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Interior Decorating and Design Secret #2

Often I get asked “How do I …?” With this TRENDS series I will reveal some Interior Decorating & Design secrets of how to’s. Follow these professional tips that I utilize as a Certified Interior Decorator, and you will be able to decorate your space and achieve the outcome you want.

How to achieve that fresh clean look for Spring!

Roll up those Area Rugs

Area rugs create a warm and cozy feel in your room, which is great for our cold winters, but now it is Spring so roll them up, or replace them with a new lighter colour. Consider changing the style from a wool design to a modern cotton/polyester, or Berber.

Punch up your Pillows & Throws

With Spring we have more day light which cries out for more bold colours. Replace pillows and throws with a brighter style or pattern. Flowers, birds or bugs are a fun choice this time of year. Be Brave!

Update Your Collections

Changing your decor collections seasonally, immediately changes the feel of the room. Again, brighter accents for Spring welcomes in our Summer Season. And bring those candles outside for evening entertaining.

Coordinate Your Accessories

Consider purchasing accessories in an overall theme and buy in depth. For example – when purchasing glass vases, buy 3 or 4 of varying heights to create an attractive vignette.

Lighten up your Window Treatments

Open up those drapes and let the SUN shine in! Or think about replacing them with a brighter or lighter weight fabric for Spring. What about white sheers for drapery to create that fresh clean look?
Create a new colour story for Spring by redefining your colour palette.

Now you know the secrets – let me know how you make out!


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