A Tribute to Sybil on her 90th Birthday


When you arrive at Joshua Creek Heritage Arts Centre, you instantly feel that you are in a different world – a serene place of tranquility, reflection and creativity surrounded by natural beauty. A common theme among the hundreds of people who showed up to celebrate founder Sybil Rampen’s 90th birthday on April 27, 2019, was the sense of belonging.

The guests of all ages and backgrounds were entertained by a fashion show featuring Sybil’s wearable art, singing, poetry, South Pacific dancing and even a magic show.


Sybil Rampen celebrating her 90th Birthday

Cam Hourd is a painter and has been volunteering with JCHAC for almost ten years. Mr. Hourd
paid a moving tribute to Sybil at the birthday party which sums up the role Sybil has played in the Oakville community:

“It’s a very special occasion today – a day that is not just your birthday but rather a day that enables your extended Joshua Creek family to recognize you and all that you have contributed to each of our lives in unique and very meaningful ways.”

“In reality, you have made the blind see, and the sick well by:

  • the use of art;
  • the Joshua Creek environment;
  • your intellect, kindness, Inclusiveness, caring example;
  • the unbridled drive, extreme curiosity and generosity combined with the vision and skill necessary to create, finance and develop a world class facility. “

“Today we celebrate you and what you have created. You are truly an exceptional person and the perfect definition of the power of one. One person, one great idea, perfectly executed.”

“In fact, I think you are the perfect example of the power of one on steroids! The truth is, what you have created in this heritage centre, most people could not produce in nine lives.”

“Congratulations Sybil. Thank you for all you have done for me and others in the community. I can’t wait to see what you are going to do in the next decade.”


Our warmest personal regards, Mary and Cam Hourd


Sybil with her JCHAC fans and volunteers who modelled her wearable art during the fashion show – a big hit at the birthday party; Photographer: Louise Brownlee



Foreground: Sybil Rampen’s oldest granddaughter, Melanie holding her young son (Sybil’s great grandson); photographer: Louise Brownlee



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