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Two superintendent appointments for Halton District School Board

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At the January 20, 2016 meeting of the Halton District School Board, Trustees approved the appointments of Terri Blackwell and John Pennyfather as superintendents of education. The appointments take effect at the beginning of February 2016.

Terri Blackwell has been a significant force behind the Board’s Program Department since her appointment as System Principal in 2012, with responsibilities for school programs and English as a Second Language programming. In addition to program support to schools, Terri’s accomplishments include developing the Board’s provincially-recognized Math plan, acting as liaison with elementary principals and senior administration as an executive member of the Halton Elementary Principals’ Association (HEPA), and working with the senior administrative team to open the Board’s Welcome Centre. More recently Terri’s expertise has been instrumental in the implementation of the new Health and Physical Education Curriculum.

“I am honoured to have this opportunity to continue to work collaboratively with teachers, administrators, the senior administrative team and trustees in service of students, and continue our focus on student achievement, engagement and well being,” said Terri Blackwell.

John Pennyfather began his career in Halton in 1991 as a primary/junior/intermediate teacher. In 1998, John made the move to administration as vice-principal and then principal in 2001.

John’s educational contributions within Halton are extensive and varied. In addition to the variety of initiatives and support he cultivated in the school communities at Abbey Lane, WH Morden and Pilgrim Wood, John’s leadership was also instrumental in opening the new Oodenawi Public School (North East Oakville) in 2015 including the development of partnerships with the Elders of Mississauga of the New Credit to build school culture. John also co-authored the FDK administrators’ handbook, was a leader with the Board’s Administrators’ Mentorship Program (“VP One”), and implemented a co-teach/co-plan model to enhance student learning in math, design and technology, and outdoor education. John is also an instructor for the Ontario Principals’ Council Qualification Program.


“The growth of Halton will make this a particularly exciting time to be in this role,” stated John Pennyfather. “I am looking forward to working with our staff, Trustees and the Administrative Council to support our schools and the students of the Halton.”

“These two exemplary leaders are an excellent complement to our senior administrative team,” commented Stuart Miller, Director of Education. “Students and staff with the Halton District School Board will continue to benefit from their knowledge and commitment to public education, as we strive to further the goals of the Halton District School Board.”


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