United Way Oakville Announces New Cabinet Chair for 2014 Campaign

United Way Oakville Announces New Cabinet Chair for 2014 Campaign
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Lisa Zarzeczny

Lisa Zarzeczny

Lisa Zarzeczny is the Manager, Marketing & Communications at United Way Oakville. She is a graduate of Sheridan College.

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United Way Oakville is thrilled to welcome Sean O’Brien, President and CEO of Reliance Home Comfort, as the 2014 Cabinet Chair for the upcoming campaign.

O’Brien has been a senior volunteer with United Way for seven years, and has a wealth of experience driving growth and fostering productive, engaged communities.

“I am a proud Oakville resident,” said O’Brien. “There is a strong sense of belonging here. We are a generous and connected community, and I am honoured to represent an organization that ensures an essential network of programs and services work together to create lasting change in our neighbourhoods.”

Brad Park, CEO of United Way Oakville, voiced similar excitement at O’Brien’s new role.

“This role is indispensable to the success of United Way,” he commented. “Sean is a charismatic and thoughtful leader, and we are confident that his passion and expertise will serve to showcase the efforts of United Way Oakville’s network of hard-working agencies.”


O’Brien’s advocacy of community engagement is strengthened by a personal relationship with United Way Oakville, which began when Sean’s now nine-year-old son, Eamon, was born with life-threatening kidney problems. After a month of living at the hospital, O’Brien’s family turned to Acclaim Health—a United Way Oakville funded agency—for support. With this help, they were able to bring Eamon home.

“Nine years ago United Way had a profound impact on my family,” said O’Brien. “Since then, it has continued to hold a prominent role in my life. I have had the privilege of seeing the impact of United Way in the community, and am thrilled to represent the organization in this capacity.”

O’Brien has begun assembling his team and is preparing to meet with representatives from more than 400 corporate accounts as United Way Oakville begins planning for the 2014 campaign.


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