Update on Saw-Whet OMB Pre-hearing

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Update on Saw-Whet OMB Pre-hearing
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Allan Elgar

Allan Elgar

Allan Elgar is the councillor for Ward 4. Previously he was a founding president of Oakvillegreen, and held various management position at Bell Canada. He was elected in 2000 to town council.

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I estimate that over 150 people attended the meeting – quite impressive, especially on a business day. It is heartening to see so much interest from the Public on this matter. I will be sending a separate note shortly with detailed information that emerged as a result of the meeting.

At this point I can pass on the following that may be of particular interest to those wishing to be Participants at the hearing:

1. If you signed in to the meeting on May 1 you should be receiving information
from the Town of Oakville in the next week or two that should clarify details about being a Participant at the OMB hearing in October. Let me know if you are not contacted.

2. If you did not sign in at the May 1 pre-hearing, but would like to be a Participant at the October hearing, it appears that it is not too late. Simply send an email to jennifer.huctwith@oakville.ca as soon as possible. Please indicate that you would like to be a Participant at the Saw-whet hearing and include your full name and mailing address as well.


3. All Participants are also encouraged to contact Fourteen Mile Creek Residents Assn. at fourteenmilecreekra@yahoo.ca and get on their mailing list as they have offered to further assist Participants (e.g. answer questions, reminders of dates, etc.)

There is more information about the Saw-whet OMB hearing on my website at Elgar.ca and at www.oakville.ca



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