Wanting to bring back Jobs to Oakville: Progressive Conservative Perspective

Tim Huddak, Larry Scott at Oakville Chamber Luncheon
Wanting to bring back Jobs to Oakville: Progressive Conservative Perspective
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Larry Scott

Larry Scott

Larry Scott is a senior finance professional with strong international experience leading fixed income and commodities businesses. His career culminated with a successful role as head of the global commodities business for Bank of Nova Scotia. He is the Provincial candidate the Conservative Party.

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Tim Hudak, the Leader of the Ontario PC Party, and Premier in waiting, was in Oakville to speak to community and business leaders on April 25th.

The Oakville Chamber of Commerce had organized the sold-out luncheon for the MPP from Niagara West-Glanbrook, which saw over 200 guests in attendance.

Hudak received a very warm Oakville welcome, and his message stuck with everyone. Jobs, jobs, jobs. He wants to bring jobs back to Ontario and to Oakville.

He spoke of the one million men and women that woke up without a job in Ontario. He told the crowd that Ontario had lost 300,000 jobs in the manufacturing sector alone. He also told the crowd that this did not happen overnight. This was designed by the Liberals and rubber stamped by the NDP.

His plan of action is focused:

  1. The Ontario PC Party’s plan for a million new jobs includes balanced budget that stops Ontario’s debt spiral in its tracks.
  2. The Ontario PC Party’s plan for a million jobs includes changing the energy policy that has chased jobs out of Ontario by the thousands.
  3. The Ontario PC Party’s plan for job creation must include ending the current government’s dependency on corporate welfare programs.

He made his position quite clear. He’s the person to take Ontario out of the corporate welfare state. Big corporations and big unions have one thing in common. Neither of them need subsides, handouts, or special treatment, and they will not get any from Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC Party.

Creating new jobs is what is motivating Tim Hudak to run. It will motivate him as Premier.

I’m Larry Scott, and I want to bring jobs back to Oakville. That is why I’m running for the Ontario PC Party. I want to be your voice, and Oakville’s voice at Queen’s Park.