Ward 3’s Councillor Gittings addresses Oakville Transit Changes

Bus Driver with foot on front bumper of Oakville Transit Bus
Ward 3’s Councillor Gittings addresses Oakville Transit Changes
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Dave Gittings

Dave Gittings

Councillor Dave Gittings and his wife Susan have resided in Ward 3 for the past 25 plus years. Their three children attended Chisholm, EJ James Public School, and Oakville Trafalgar High School.Recently after a 30-year career in advertising management at the Toronto Star, this is Dave's first term as Town & Regional Councillor.Dave has been actively involved in both the business community and with a wide range of Oakville associations and groups.

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Oakville Transit conducted a comprehensive Transit Services Review in 2015. This review included an assessment of the performance of every route in terms of ridership, revenue, hours of operation and cost.

As a result, six routes were identified as “poor performers” and were cancelled effective September 4, 2016. In response to transit users seeking a more direct route to the new hospital, a ‘one seat ride’ will be available from the Oakville GO station via Route 5.

Although routes 2 and 25 have been cancelled, route 11 has been rescheduled and reconfigured to minimize the impact. Its hours of operation have been extended and it will now operate between the Oakville GO Station and the Clarkson GO Station.

In Clearview, routes 2 and 21 have been replaced by a new route 12 which will provide all day service to and from the Clarkson GO Station. This route will also provide all day service to the Winston Park Area and connect with Mississauga Transit north of Dundas at Laird and Ridgeway. To ensure that students in Clearview can continue use Oakville Transit to travel to Oakville Trafalgar High School, a new ‘School Special’ has been added.

Route 2 was first introduced as a cross town route in 2009. Unfortunately, after seven years of operation it never drew the ridership that was envisioned. Route 2 was identified as the single most expensive route to operate with an annual net cost of $1.2 million while carrying only an average of 7.6 passengers per hour. The funds associated with the cancelled routes are being re-invested in service improvements throughout the town including increased frequency of service on high demand routes, route extensions and increased hours of operation.

Overall these changes will result in improved travel by transit as most routes will have more frequent service. In addition, connections with GO Transit, Mississauga Transit and Burlington Transit will be significantly improved.


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Readers Comments (7)

  1. Robert Brackford says:

    While I miss route 2 as a nice connection from Bronte to Winston Park / Mississauga, I appreciate what’s been done, especially with the 3, the 14, and the 15. Connecting to Bronte GO from Bronte is now much nicer, connecting to Burlington Transit is much better, and options to get to Rio Can area are much better. I hope people will take advantage of these so that we can enjoy them long-term.

    • Mary Rose van Kesteren says:

      Sorry Robert, but for those of us who need this service, it is much more than a nice to have. And the changes to the 2 and 21 have massacred any concept of transit service in south east Oakville.

  2. Danny says:

    These changes have made it impossible for my young children to attend classes at the YMCA. It used to easy to go from Ford to the YMCA, now it takes far too long. Very upsetting.

    • Mary Rose van Kesteren says:

      Danny, I completely agree. I used to do the same thing. Now impossible. If we are going to work for a better world, improving transit is a must for everyone, including Oakville. I also love the library and am a big fan of the downtown Oakville businesses. I now need 2 buses and an hour to get there. Shame Oakville. Oakville is more than cars.

  3. Mary Rose van Kesteren says:

    This is my third request. I would like to see a copy of this study.

  4. Bob Shackleton says:

    There are certainly some improvements, but there is now a conspicuous transit gap in the southeast of the town, now that the 2 is gone. I heard rumour long ago that the 2 was going to be canceled on that stretch of Lakeshore “because the rich people didn’t like the noisy buses going past their homes”. I hope this wasn’t the reason it was removed. I understand that some compromises had to be made in order to improve service in some areas, but removing service entirely from one area shouldn’t be one of them.

  5. John McLaughlin says:

    If Oakville Transit really cared about its residents needs – it would already have (a) several hybrid/electric buses (b) lower transit fares (c) simpler grid routes (up and down and across)and(d) a sub-contracted transit delivery model. I will make this happen in 2018 when Oakville gets leadership that works for you – not for them.

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