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Ward 6 by-election takes place July 13, 2015 – Are you eligible to vote?

Voter Lookup online tool makes it easy to check if you are on the voters’ list

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Gisele Shaw

Gisele Shaw

Gisele Shaw is the Manager of Corporate Communication for the town of Oakville since 2002. Prior to working for the town she worked for Halton Region as a communications specialist. She is a graduate of Humber College.

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You can vote in the Ward 6 municipal by-election for the position of Town Councillor if you are a Canadian citizen, at least 18 years old, a resident or a non-resident owner or tenant of land in Ward 6 in the Town of Oakville, or their spouse.

Being on the Town of Oakville’s Voters’ List ensures that you will receive a Voter Information Notice that will tell you when and where to vote. To find out if your name is on the Voters’ List, visit the town’s election website http://elections.oakville.ca or or contact us at 905-815-6015.

Advance Voting Opportunities
If you are unable to vote on Voting Day — Monday, July 13, you may vote at one of the Advance Voting dates that have been scheduled to take place this June:

Saturday, June 20, 2015 – 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

· Iroquois Ridge Community Centre, 1051 Glenashton Drive

· Town Hall, 1225 Trafalgar Road

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 – 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

· Town Hall, 1225 Trafalgar Road

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 – 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

· Iroquois Ridge Community Centre, 1051 Glenashton Drive


· Town Hall, 1225 Trafalgar Road

Here is what a town councillor is responsible for and receives as compensation as outlined by The Municipal Act, 2001, Part VI.

Role of an Oakville town councillor

  1. to represent the public and to consider the well-being and interests of the municipality;
  2. to develop and evaluate the policies and programs of the municipality;
  3. to determine which services the municipality provides;
  4. to ensure that administrative policies, practices and procedures and controllership policies, practices and procedures are in place to implement the decisions of council;
  5. to ensure the accountability and transparency of the operations of the municipality, including the activities of the senior management of the municipality;
  6. to maintain the financial integrity of the municipality; and
  7. to carry out the duties of council under this or any other Act.

Service area responsibilities of a Town of Oakville Councillor:

  1. Local planning and zoning
  2. Local storm sewers
  3. Local roads, streets and sidewalks
  4. Local transit services
  5. Libraries
  6. Local museums
  7. Fire protection
  8. Local parks and recreation services

Collection of taxes


Current remuneration rates as of January 1, 2014, excluding benefits, for a Town of Oakville Councillor is $47,865.

Town Councillor benefits/expenses

  1. Extended health care
  2. Prescription drugs
  3. Out-of-country
  4. Paramedical
  5. Vision care
  6. Dental care
  7. Life insurance
  8. Accidental death and dismemberment coverage
  9. Pension plan for Members of Council under age 70
  10. Home office – budget allowance for home office set up ($1,200)
  11. Reimbursement plan for town business related telephone and fax bills
  12. Annual Councillor expense allowance for business travel, training/education maximum $3,700 (Discretionary)
  13. Reimbursement plan for use of personal vehicle for out-of-town and in-town eligible business travel for municipal business. Reimbursement for attendance at seminars, workshops and conferences.
  14. Enrollment in benefit plan covers: spouse and dependents (children who are unmarried, under age 21, and work less than 30 hours per week; a child who is full-time student attending an educational institution is recognized by Revenue Canada until age 25).



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