From We Love Oakville – Stop Amalgamation

From We Love Oakville – Stop Amalgamation

In January, the Provincial government announced a review of Regional Governments, including Halton’s, hoping to find efficiencies in Amalgamation.

A group of community leaders from the Town’s Residents Associations have formed a group to fight any plan to amalgamate Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Halton Hills into the City of Halton. We just cannot afford Regional Amalgamation – financially we cannot afford the cost, nor can we afford to lose our voice.

History has shown that amalgamation does not result in the efficiencies that were forecast. See the Fraser Report of May 2015 (Fraser Institute Report).

“There is significant evidence that Halton Region together with our Local Municipalities are effective and meet the needs of the people in Halton operating within the current structure.” – Gary Carr, Regional Chair

The Province argues that it has been almost 50 years since regional governance has been reviewed. This just isn’t accurate here. In the Halton Region, the structure has been reviewed on an ongoing basis. Efficiencies have been identified and implemented over the years.

Our current structure appears to be working fine – all four Towns are happy with the status quo. (See Regional Chair Gary Carr’s letter to the Minister here.)

We don’t believe that the residents of our Town are interested in:

  1. Paying more property taxes
  2. Receiving less service
  3. Losing our voice

If minor efficiencies can be identified in the current structure, we are happy to consider them, within the context of the current Municipal structure.

We already have strong, effective representation in our current Regional model. We love Oakville and are proud of the character and feel of our community.

AmalgamationIf you feel as we do, please support our campaign. See our website We Love Oakville

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Arvis Pinkletter says:

    When I look at things like Transit, and snow removal, Oakville is light-years ahead of Burlington, which would be the only logical amalgamation partner for Oakville. Shoehorning the more rural Milton and Halton Hills into a city with Oakville and Burlington just feels like an attempt to pave the Green Belt. Coming soon: highways and houses right on the escarpment. Say goodbye to the conservation parks. Say goodbye to Oakville’s urban approach to intensification, and say hello to more sprawl, and more inefficient neighbourhoods. “Efficiencies”, indeed.

  2. […] March 27, 2019 Author: COCAadmin Category: Uncategorized The provincial government has started consultation with the regions and municipalities in Ontario with the possible goal to amalgamate the regions. For us in Halton Region, that could mean the amalgamation of Oakville, Burlington, Milton, and Halton Hills.  A grass roots group in the Oakville area has started a campaign to stop this. The campaign is called “We Love Oakville, Stop Amalgamation”. The campaign is based on:   1) Studies have shown that costs rise after amalgamations with more expensive bureaucracies and higher property taxes.   2) Our current system and structure works well. Why try to fix something that isn’t broken? We already have affordable, efficient services from the town of Oakville and Halton Region as well as strong, effective representation.   3) Amalgamations don’t bring any benefits. Evidence from many studies show over and over that amalgamations don’t save money or improve services. In fact the opposite is true. Amalgamations bring years of service disruption, reduction and loss of local decision making.   For more information and to donate to the campaign, go to   An article in the Oakville Beaver has additional information. […]

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