Week 2: Work from home Lessons

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Week 2: Work from home Lessons
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As I head into my third week of social distancing, I feel like I have learned some valuable lessons in this work from home adventure.

Week one and two were about learning how to use video meeting tools and not be self conscious about how I looked on video.  Now that I am way over that, it’s about realizing that kids, dogs and partners will, at some point, be in the frame.  Just accept it and move one.  Or better yet, take a moment to acknowledge them and chill for a moment.  It’s okay to say that your boss’s cat is cute. (even if you never took her to be a cat person…..)

Take Breaks

Also, meetings can start at 10 minutes after the hour.  We need a moment to breathe, get coffee, check on homework and maybe go to the bathroom.  We also don’t have to get right down to business.

It’s okay to spend the first few minutes just checking in.  Everyone has a lot to process and it’s nice to have someone ask how you are and actually want to hear the response.  That’s not always the case in an office environment where “how-are-you” is not really a question but rather an extension of “hello”.

We have a lot of quality snack breaks in my house.  The morning pause is for coffee, oatmeal and a bit of news.  I set the timer for 15 minutes and then turn it off.  I learned quickly that having CNN on in the back ground is definitely not productive.

Lunch is for sandwiches or leftovers, plenty of water and the 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle we are working on.  It’s a map of Cape Cod with lots of nice memories.  We are not the only ones working on puzzles.  Apparently, Amazon is sold out of jigsaw puzzles.

The afternoon break is for separate activities.  My partner goes for a walk and I attempt to learn another chord on the guitar that has been sitting in my office for three years.  My fingers are killing me but I am making progress.  I am not going to be performing a kitchen concert any time soon but it is kind of satisfying.

After dinner is for a bit more news (again, not too much) and then we take in a movie or a Broadway show.  (Broadway HD is a bargain).   We also try to connect for family video chats in the evening, especially those in other time zones.

So we keep on keeping on.  I hope you are finding new ways to stay interested and entertained.

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