Welcome to the World of Tea

Another great evening by the Canadian Club of Halton/Peel

Tea .... Camellia Sinensis
Welcome to the World of Tea
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Purveyors of High Tea Gillian Niblett and Lori Wiggins wove a tale of passion, history and a labour of love: the history and charm of tea …. Camellia Sinensis. Tea is a drink that today is either considered ordinary – or as exquisite as a perfectly aged wine. The Canadian Club of Halton Peel dinner guests learned the reasons for the dedication of sophisticated tea aficionados. Tea drinkers are certainly lucky today. In 1662 the price of tea remained so high that only the rich and fashionable could afford to drink it.

Tea was so sought after that it was compressed into a block form and used as currency. It even caused social unrest – so much so that when Britain’s Tea Act of 1773 imposed higher taxes on tea, protestors stormed 3 ships in Boston Harbour that December throwing the entire shipment of three hundred and forty chests of tea overboard – this became known as the Boston Tea Party. The angry tea drinkers began to drink coffee instead, making it the more popular drink in the United States today.

One story told by Gillian that fascinated the audience was that “Queen Victoria loved tea so much that she built a tea house in the yard of the palace and began gathering her friends for tea parties”.

This is a popular tradition that is still carried on today by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace. High Tea is back in vogue. It is also popular right here in Oakville with Gillian and Lori lovingly preparing the tea and treats for you. Specializing in the classic High Tea allows them to bring a dash of British elegance to your next special event. For information visit http://niblettandwiggins.squarespace.com
Tea is over 5,000 years old and comes only from the Camellia Sinensis bush. “All tea”, you say? “Yes”, says Gillian. “The leaves are plucked and are then treated in different ways becoming the white, green, oolong or black teas that we know”.

Quality, flavour and strength are influenced by soil, climate, elevation and moisture. Tea is so specialized that each country prepares their own perfect cup of tea and uses tea pots unique to them in which to brew it. One last surprise was that herbal tisanes do not contain leaves from the Camellia Sinensis bush and so are not really teas.

"Tea and Terry Fox" : Barry, Keri Pam & Gillian

“Tea and Terry Fox” : Barry, Keri Pam & Gillian; Photo Credit: Janet Bedford

Gillian Niblett and Lori Wiggins have a passion for tea. They are also power walkers with a passion for the outdoors and a strong desire to help conquer cancer. Tea and Terry Fox became a focus as the Canadian Club of Halton Peel donated $500.00 to the Terry Fox Foundation.

Councillor Pam Damoff announced that the Terry Fox Kick-Off Breakfast will be held at The Atrium, Town Hall on Friday April 17th from 7:30 to 9:00 am. Oakville’s 2015 Terry Fox Run will be held Sunday September 20th – lots of time to be a part of this worthwhile cause. Both Gillian and Lori are power walker marathoners and completed the London England marathon last spring. Their 10 year goal is to complete a half marathon on every continent.

The Canadian Club of Halton Peel presents seven guest speaker dinners on a wide range of subjects September through April at the Oakville Conference Centre, 2515 Wyecroft Road, Oakville, L6L 6P8 (QEW & Bronte Rd). On Thursday, March 26, 2015 the guest speaker will be Dr. Rick Paulseth MD, FRCP(C), Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Division of Neurology, Department of Medicine, McMaster University – ”Parkinson’s Disease: Diagnosis, Research & Treatment”.
Reservations for the dinner can be made by e-mail (barrywylie1@gmail.com), by telephone (905-827-6302) or by mail (cheques payable to the Canadian Club of Halton Peel, 283 River Side Drive, Oakville, L6K 3N3).



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