What is That? Gypsy Moth, Morrison-Wedgewood Diversion Channel & Dumping

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Dave Gittings with Yuri
What is That? Gypsy Moth, Morrison-Wedgewood Diversion Channel & Dumping
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Dave Gittings

Dave Gittings

Councillor Dave Gittings and his wife Susan have resided in Ward 3 for the past 25 plus years. Their three children attended Chisholm, EJ James Public School, and Oakville Trafalgar High School. Recently after a 30-year career in advertising management at the Toronto Star, this is Dave's first term as Town & Regional Councillor. Dave has been actively involved in both the business community and with a wide range of Oakville associations and groups.

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I receive calls on a daily basis from residents asking for information on an incredibly wide range of items.

The following three items are some of the more commonly asked questions since my last column. Have a question? Please let me know!

Lymantria Dispar or Gypsy Moth (GM)

Gypsy Moth, Oakville News, Dave Gittings

I have been receiving a large volume of concerns from residents who are worried about the recent appearance of caterpillars that have invaded their properties. According to a town study, Oakville and surrounding municipalities are at the onset of a potential GM outbreak. Based on the multi-year cycle that GM populations historically tend to follow, the current cycle is expected to peak within the next two years.

European GM (Lymantria dispar) is an invasive pest from Europe and Asia that primarily feeds on leaves of deciduous hardwood trees during the caterpillar (larval) stage. With a preference for oak trees, a GM caterpillar can eat an average of one square metre of foliage during the larval stage. Severe infestations often lead to tree death. These caterpillars may be picked off of the trunks, the trees may be treated with TreeAzin, or physical barriers around the trunk can be installed to stop the caterpillars from reaching the tree’s canopy. More info can be found at Invasive Species.

Morrison Creek Diversion, Oakville News, Dave GittingsMorrison-Wedgewood Diversion Channel

After much of south Oakville between Chartwell and Maple Grove was developed in the 1950’s, residents were subjected to serious flooding as a result of a series of creeks and rivers that flowed down from upper Oakville. Based on a town study in the early 1960’s, Conservation Halton constructed the Morrison-Wedgewood Diversion Channel. Opened in 1968, this water diversion channel travels from the area between 8th line and 9th line, westwards to 16 Mile Creek. It is easily seen where it crosses under Trafalgar Road just above Iroquois Shore Road.

Rubbish in greensapceDumping

I have been receiving a large number of complaints from residents reporting the dumping of yard waste and building materials along town roads and in green spaces.

What starts as a small pile of rubbish often becomes a massive pile of garbage as people ‘add’ to the pile. We have had several instances of piles becoming so large that the town must send a front end loader and dump truck to remove the rubbish caused by uncaring landscape companies and residents.

If you are able to identify companies or anyone using our green spaces as their waste site, please let me know.



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